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  1. Chiho is prefect for our family.. bonnie is an amazing breeder who loves her pups and cares for them a way a breeder should.
    Thank you for allowing us to have chiho we love her so much

  2. this is my privet web site, but I do have one on face book with same name and you can comment or ask questions there.

  3. Hi my husband and I are looking for another Manchester terrier puppy maybe 6 or 7 weeks old and I would be ready for him about beginning of husband will be back from Alaska hes a fisherman.could you please email me prices for a Male puppy and where you are located I live in tacoma parkland area we have a fenced back yard

  4. Hi I’m sorry i never see the stuff written here in less i do updates. I hope you found a puppy

  5. Hello,

    I seem to be having trouble with email communication with you. I am interested in a toy Manchester terrier puppy

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